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Energy markets are very volatile at the moment with fuel, gas and electricity all massively more expensive than in recent times. A shortage of diesel is predicted with prices possibly reaching £2 per litre. Contract renewals for electricity from April 2022 are being quoted at 50 p/kWh or more compared with 13p to 16p previously.  Gas contract ae being quoted in the range 10 to 20 p/kWh compared with 3p to 4p previously. With energy costs at these levels measures to reduce energy consumption will pay for themselves in a very short time.

Our Energy Saving & Profiling Services

We are committed to providing total customer satisfaction through our comprehensive Carbon Management Services.  Our Energy Management service includes an analysis of your total energy consumption for buildings, processes and transport. We survey your buildings to determine how energy efficient they are and develop energy profiles to show where energy is used.  We use this analysis to identify where best to invest to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). At the same time we check if you are on the best tariffs for electricity, gas and water. We can review your  vehicle fleet management and  develop a plan for managing the transition to low emission vehicles by 2030.  We develop the business case for electric vehicles taking account of available grants and tax incentives.  We present the findings of our analysis as a long term strategic plan to decarbonise your operations and achieve net zero carbon by 2050.

We help large companies comply with the new Streamline Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) legislation by processing the energy consumption data and calculating their total greenhouse gas emissions. We provide directors with all the information they require for the annual Directors’ report Read more

We are now in phase three of the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) with a compliance date of 31 December 2022 and a deadline for reporting to the Environment Agency of 5 December 2023. Qualifying companies must report their total energy consumption for a twelve month period including 31 December 2022. BEIS is intending to introduce a Net Zero element which will require companies to set targets and develop an action plan to reduce carbon emissions. Details of the proposed changes can be found here.

Given the massive increase in energy costs, we recommend companies carry out their energy audit now in order to benefit from energy and costs savings as soon as possible. We would be please to provide a free initial consultation.

We recommend starting with our low cost energy audit Read more



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Energy Audits

An audit of your total energy consumption including buildings, transport and process to identify how much energy is used. Read more



Energy Profiles

Breakdown of energy by end use to identify opportunities for savings. Rank saving measure by payback or life cycle cost analysis. Read more



Net Zero Carbon

A strategy to achieve Net Zero carbon to comply with legislation and respond to pressure from investors, customers and activist groups. Read more



Environmental Reporting

Compliance with The Streamline Energy and Carbon (SECR) regulations to report total energy consumption and GHG emissions annually. Read more


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Act now to reduce the impact of high energy costs – the case for Solar PV

Companies face unprecedented increases in their energy bills. Electricity tariffs on contract renewals are 50p/kWh or more. This makes onsite generation for a solar PV system much more valuable while protecting the business from volatile energy costs. Contact us today for a free initial assessment of how your business can reduce its energy costs by installing a solar PV system.


We will need a copy of your electricity bill showing how much electricity your business used in the past twelve months plus half-hour electricity data if available. You can request this from your supplier. We also need your address including post code. With this information we can estimate how much you could generate onsite. The costs of Solar PV has come down in recent years and with the increase in the cost of grid energy it makes the return on investing in solar panels much more attractive.


Following our initial free assessment, we can arrange to carry out a detailed survey and provide a proposal for your consideration. If you wish to proceed with installing solar we can coordinate the supply, installation and commissioning using MSC approved installers who will manage the connection with the DNO.

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