Colin Lillicrap

Case Study – Abbey Developments Ltd

Colin Lilicrap Associates has been advising Abbey Developments, a residential developer based in the south east of England, on reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions since 2014 when the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) was introduced. The initial energy audit identified fuel used by staff driving their own cars on business accounted for the bulk of the company’s energy costs and emissions but also identified opportunities to reduce energy costs in the head office

In 2017 we installed LED lighting throughout the head office as illustrated above leading to a recorded reduction in electricity use of 13,300 kWh over the part year for which records were available in line with an estimated 16,000 kWh for a full year at a cost saving of £2,000. In 2018 the company removed the boiler and is now using the air condition plant to provide heating and cooling with an estimated reduction in carbon emissions of 3,672 kg CO2 eq per year.

In 2019 we prepared a report on the total energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions to enable the company to comply with the Streamline Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) regulations. We continue to advise the company on further opportunities to reduce GHG emissions in particular the benefits of using electric vehicles for business travel.

David Dawson, Director and Company Secretary said “Colin Lillicrap Associates have provided sound advice over many years leading to reduced costs and a lower carbon footprint for our business. I would recommend Colin to any business wanting to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint”

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