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We identify energy saving grants to reduce your costs

There are many grant schemes but keeping tack of them all can be time consuming. We research all available grants as part of developing the case for investing in energy saving measures. Some examples of available  grants and what to expect in the medium term are:

European Regional Development Fund

The European Regional Development Fund is still available for SMEs. In most areas this will pay one third or the cost of a project up to a maximum of £5000. Following Brexit all funding must cease by the end of 2023

Coved-19 Capital Grant Scheme

SMEs can benefit from the Covid-19 Capital Grant Scheme and the Covid-19 Micro Capital Grant Scheme towards the purchase of capital equipment. This could include more efficient equipment to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions but projects need to demonstrate they retain jobs or create new job opportunities. The scheme provided grants between £1,000 and £10,000 to cover 50% of eligible costs

Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) / Clean Heat Grant

From 2022 the government is proposing to phase out the RHI and replace it with a Clean Heat Grant. The government is currently reviewing the response to the consultation and will report later in the year.

Public sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) Phase 2

Application to the £75m phase 2 PSDS opened on 7 April 2021 but were over subscribed by 13 April when Salix closed the application portal. This illustrates  the importance of a well developed decarbonisation plan to take advantage of grant schemes as they become available. The PSDS is primarily set up to encourage decarbonisation of heating in public sector organisation through up to 100% grants with an emphasis on replacing boilers with heat pumps.

Repurposing buildings

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a permanent shift to more flexible working with many employees working part time from home. As a consequence many companies are reducing office space which is being taken up by entrepreneurs starting new businesses. This is an ideal opportunity to upgrade the building services to reduce energy costs and GHG emissions. Where this leads to job retention or new job opportunities, 80% of the cost may be recoverable through grants. We advise new businesses through our energy audit services on repurposing the building to provide a productive working environment while reducing energy costs to a minimum and avoiding unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions.

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